Vol. 1 (2007)
Monika Bednarek   Local Grammar and Register Variation: Explorations in Broadsheet and Tabloid Newspaper Discourse (Nr 1)

Yasunori Nishina   A Corpus-Driven Approach to Genre Analysis: The Reinvestigation of Academic, Newspaper and Literary Texts (Nr 2)

Vol. 2 (2008)
Caroline Tagg   Book Review of Alison Wray (2008) "Formulaic Language" (Nr 1)

Vol. 4 (2010)
Adriano Ferraresi and Silvia Bernardini   Book Review of Stefan Th Gries, S Wulff, and M Davies (eds) "Corpus-linguistic applications. Current studies, new directions" (Nr 2)

Vol. 5 (2011)
Stefan Th Gries, John Newman, and Cyrus Shaoul   N-grams and the clustering of registers (Nr 1)

Vol. 7 (2013)
Daniel Gallego Hernández and Ramesh Krishnamurthy   COMENEGO (Corpus Multilingüe de Economía y Negocios): design, creation and applications (Nr 1)