Review Policy

The ELR Journal is peer-reviewed in order to maintain a high academic standard. However, this does not mean that non-mainstream research will be rejected: the reviewing process focuses on the validity of the methodology, rather than whether the research produces desirable outcomes.


Oliver Mason, University of Birmingham
David Oakey, University of Birmingham
Pernilla Danielsson, University of Birmingham

Editorial Board

Svenja Adolphs, University of Nottingham
Michael Barlow, University of Auckland
Ylva Berglund-Prytz, University of Oxford
Silvia Bernardini, University of Bologna
Alice Deignan, University of Leeds
Lynne Flowerdew, University of Leeds
Sylviane Granger, Université catholique de Louvain
Susan Hunston, University of Birmingham
Dorothy Kenny, Dublin City University
Ruta Marcinkeviciene, Vitautas Magnus University in Kaunas
Katarina Mühlenbock, The Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital, Göteborg
Anne O’Keeffe, University of Limerick
Alan Partington, University of Bologna
Ute Römer, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Rita Simpson-Vlach, San Jose State University
Michael Stubbs, Universität Trier
Wolfgang Teubert, University of Birmingham
Paul Thompson, University of Reading
Geoffrey Williams, Université de Bretagne Sud